Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just to Update...

I'm quite surprised to find the number of my followers increasing as I am not so active in this blogging thing since last year..Whatever it is, welcome to the new ones =) I'm blogging just for fun, no definite I'd feel grateful if whatever I share could benefit anybody out there..or at least give the slightest 'good feeling' to anybody..that's enough for me..

Just would like to update that I am so stressed since the past 1 week or is piling up and I really can't wait till all the pending things are over..And it is quite hard to push yourself and keep the positive spirit in you when there's a small voice at the back of you mind doubting every inch of positive that you manage to keep..

The best thing to do is always turn back to give you strength..because only He knows whatever you are facing..and only He knows what the turnout will be..

Monday, March 19, 2012

You think you've gone through hell?

I sometimes look at the janitors and ask, "what if..these people are given the same chance that I had..born in the same family that I am born into..would't they be someone better than what I am now?" ..Can I imagine them being one of the CEO of a big company? These people might have been a lot better than you should they have been given the same amount of chances and luck that you have had..

Sometimes you went through some bumps along the road, you start to feel like bailing out on everything and just go away as far as you can..well, think again..because there is always someone out there in this world who is wishing, and is dying to be in your shoes, to hold responsibility to your problems now..because the hell that they are going through is no comparison to what you are facing...

Imagine if the Somalians in hunger are in your shoes..would they just let go of what you had now just because some small problem came up? just because you are given a little bit more work than you normally have? just because someone is finding your fault? just because you don't have time? just because you're tired? just because some stranger talks rudely with you and doesn't respect you?..well, for some people..these are the problems they would die for, just to have a decent life..just to have some food to fill their empty stomach..just to have a feel of how life would be on the other side of the world..

So, whatever problems you may be facing...FACE IT! whatever happens is not the end of the world..wherever you go, whatever happens to you that you fear of, you are still on God's earth.whatever level of rock bottom you are in now, however deep the s**t is that you are in now, face it..settle 1 by one..there is always a way...and what you're going through is nothing compared to some people twice younger than your age have been through..STOP being so pampered and STOP being so weak..stand tall and face it like a fighter..use your brains and start thinking out of the box..You determine who you are and who you are going to be..keep moving forward!DON'T look back at today 20 years later and regret not working just a little bit could have been a lot different if that small effort is go do it NOW

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Can Finally Cut Off a Few Points on My List..Can't Wait!

Looking back at my list of things I would like to do in my lifetime..Finally, I am about to cut off a few..=) Alhamdulillah..I am so happy right now..and thanks to Allah for everything..will give more details later, after I've cut them off my list..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Perfect Imperfect

Humans,naturally, will often seek the most perfect person to be their partner for life. What is perfect? one might say, a perfect person is a person who has the PACKAGE-good looks, rich,responsible, open minded,someone who u can talk to and what not. To wait for such person to come by, I guess that wait might be question though, does this PERFECT guy with the whole PACKAGE really exists?

It would be great to have a guy like that as your spouse. But, isn't life about learning? and improving? If there's no more room for improvement, can u imagine how constant life would be? Get what I mean?

The perfect guy is already perfect...compared to an imperfect guy, who has enormous room to be perfected..On the other hand, isn't one of marriage's main reason is to complement each other?

Married life, started with some difficulty, maybe financially tight, or emotionally sensitive towards each other..may be such a pain..but if the couple really work hard to overcome difficulties..I bet the ending would be as sweet as honey. For example, knowing someone who has done more wrong than that person a chance..guiding that that person for who he is..caring for that person and help build that person together with urselves..and as time passes..wouldn't it be such an amazing feeling to have complemented the person that you love..look back, and see how much that person has changed, BECAUSE of YOU..who helped him change..

Can u do that to a perfect person? of course not..coz he's already perfect..

To me, the imperfect is actually the long as there's will, there's passion together, a few more chances life together, grow the true meaning of a complementary life..marriage =)

easy to say..easy to talk..but going through it is a real strong and have faith in Him..insyallah..Allah will guide..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Go Towards Him Walking, He Will Come to You Running

First of all, the title is borrowed from my lecturer's FB quote;

'You are the servant, He is the Master. Prayers come from you, answers come from Him. Abstinence comes from you, protection comes from Him. Repentance comes from you, acceptance comes from Him. Go towards him walking, He will come to you running.'-Dr Rossa

Hidayah is something sacred that only the chosen one's will receive it..If you want to change and be better and closer to the Deen, then change. Trust in Him, and it is a promise, that when someone changes and comes closer to Allah, He will not leave you and He will never abandon you. One step you take towards Him, hundreds of blessings is awaiting you. That's the most truthful thing I can guarantee any being on this planet. The harder it is, the bigger your reward's only a matter of time.

When you have made a promise, to take His path, you will realize that every step taken comes with more 'help' from not be scared if you might face some challenges, put 100% of your trust to Him..He will protect you..walk towards Him and never ever doubt His promise..Happiness will come to you, insyaAllah

3310 / 3315 jugak yang terbaik!

Kalau korang igt, masa handfon mula-mula nak femes dulu, Nokia 3310 ni la yang paling femes. 
Tapi sekarang, mcm2 jenih HP ada jual kt luar tu. Klu ikut trend skarang ni, BlackBerry la kot yg paling hot..ngan iPhone..macam2 versi n series kuar tiap2 minggu ke bulan ..

Apapn HP terbaru yg kuar tetap rs Nokia 3310 n 3315 ni la paling reliable & tahan. Byk features dlm HP zaman skrg ni, tp all in all, kegunaan paling penting HP ni utk msg n call (bg sy la, org lain xtau la, maybe diorg bizman kena cek email tiap2 3 minit apa suma)..

Qwerty pad la, touch screen la, flip la lipat la n mcm2 lg ada..erm, sebenarnya, jauh lama ati..kesian tgk org yg mcm 'mangsa' dengan perkembangan teknologi ni. Ada je produk baru keluar, diorg rs teruja n kena guna & beli. Mana nya duit tak abis, nk kejar benda ni sampai bila pn xkn ada penghujung. For me, as long as it functions well with the basic, & tahan lasak..good enough. Sy xminat qwertypad sbb kena tgk skrin utk type, xminat touch screen sebab, ntah..sebab xminat...kdg2 touch pn mcm leceh..

Bg sy, apapn, back to basic..kadang2 additional features ni kita xperlu pon. most of d time, xguna pon..yg tertentu je..bli apapn, pk btol2, apa sbenarnya yg kita perlu n nak & padankn dengan budget. Latest pnya produk xsemestinya yg paling sesuai utk kita, n out dated xsemestinya kita kena reject trus..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Beauty of Ramadhan

I've landed myself a job that is demanding quite a big portion of my time (as expected). Something that I've dreaded before this, limited time for my family, which has been the main reason why I was reluctant to go all out to find a job. I'd rather stay at home and do what I love, my passion and spend time with mum and dad whenever and wherever.

1st of July was the 1st day of my very first job ever since I graduated, a real full time job. And ever since, I have realized the gap was getting bigger between I and my family, including my sister who's also my room mate. I hardly see the daylight since I get out early to avoid the jam on the Penang bridge and I reach home 7 plus everyday due to jam on the bridge. 

On the other hand, my younger sister n brother are working at Jusco as promoter (during semester holidays) and comes back at 10 while the youngest is at boarding school. By the time they're back from work, its either I'm already asleep or getting ready for bed. Next morning, I'm out before they're even awake. We're a family but we're only sleeping in the same house..and those days of hanging around and watching TV together are gone. Not everyone is present during family holidays or trips. Gone were the days where the whole family are there during holidays. 

All that changed, when Ramadhan came..I'm just so glad that at least, we could actually have 1 time together with the whole family during sahur. Might be just a half an hour thing, but that's when we really have quality time and actually have conversations and make some jokes. It's not much, compared to last time. But still, that quality time is really priceless. Ramadhan is a blessing. Alhamdulillah. Allah is great. 

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