Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guys, Meet My Volkswagen (Passat)..

I bet you have seen this car on the road~

This car is my dream car, and I have no idea how I am going to own it (maybe my future husband will buy it for me as hantaran). So, I will use the Law of Attraction to attract this car to me..hehehehe...

Why do I like this car? answer is, simply because it looks elegant, yet sporty in a, its VOLKSWAGEN! my dad said volks- something like folks I think, people, etc and Wagen -, tell me the truth, does that look like a WAGON to you?? the brand itself shows modesty..I so like it..

Since only God knows when I will own this beauty, I will drive my 'passat' that I have now and feel as if I am driving the real, I am driving this:

Proton will magically turn into a Passat one day..or if not Passat, this will do:

 I love this entry!! haha..

p/s: segala yg ada di langit dan di bumi adalah milikNya..oleh itu, mintaklah padaNya..


Encik Ska said...

cukai kereta dkt malaysia mahal.
susah nk penuhi impian kita.
hmmmm :)

aye-na said... kalu dh mampu beli keta camtu, rsnya cukai pn most probably mampu la jgk..melainkn yg beli dwnpmt ckit hutang bulan2 berat, yg tu xleh ckp apa la..huhu..

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