Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How the Bible Led Me to Islam- Joshua Evans

My lecturer posted this video on her facebook account. Thought I'd share it here. It's about a former Christian Youth Minister who converted to Islam. It's a one hour plus video, sharing about how his childhood was, how he was brought up and the environment, what made him question the bible, how he met Islam. It is a very interesting story..

The part that aroused my interest most is the part where he explain who kafir really are.

We always take for granted and assume non-muslim are called kafir. According to Evans, kafir are people who have been approached with Islam and refuse to accept it. He explains that people who are non-muslims and have never been approached with Islam could not be called as kafir. And it is our job, as muslims to spread about Islam. There are many more people like him, who believed in the presence of God (Allah) but are looking at the wrong place. That actually really opened my eyes, how I have taken many things for granted for all these years, the fact that I am being born as Islam. So, hope this sharing could help us understand more about the perspective of people who are not born as Islam but are still searching..and may we have the strength to continue the course our prophet Muhammad s.a.w have left us.

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