Monday, December 13, 2010

Majlis Perundingan Mahasiswa Pulau Pinang a.k.a MPMPP

I was actively involved in an association called Majlis Perundingan Mahasiswa Pulau Pinang (MPMPP) back during my undergraduate days..I really enjoyed myself involved in this association..these are some pics to share..Actually, photo ni curik2 kt fb sorg drpd ahli xtgkp gmbr pon..kikiki..MPMPP is an association under the Pulau Pinang state government for university/ polytechnics students. MPMPP usually conducts programs during semester breaks. What I like most about MPMPP is that I get to travel --> Free of Charge!, yummy foods are served about 5 times daily during every course..

Ni masa pertandingan futsal taun 2007..masa cuti sem..3 thn lps..cepatnya masa berlaluu..huhu..alright..among the places that I went to when I was still active in MPMPP are Langkawi Island, Cameron Highlands, camping (not really camping, but that place looks like a kampung area with a river nearby..best2) at Sungkai, Perak. Moreover, as I was a student in UNIMAS and since I was an exco in MPMPP, I get to 'balik kampung' FREE..hehe..yups, my flights were funded (well, only once or twice I think, but hey, still, it FREE flights!) because there were meetings I had to of it was a meeting with the ex-Chief Minister of Penang Dr. Koh Tsu Koon. What I remembered most during the meeting with Dr Koh is during the the question and answer session I asked for some financial assistance from him by the state government for 'anak negeri' for flights from peninsular to Sabah/Sarawak.

I wasn't asking the state government to help all 'anak negeri'...just those who really needed the help. I had one friend who told me he had to eat rice with 'ikan bilis' nearly everyday for the whole semester to save his PTPTN money for flights...just to answer your curiosity, no assistance was given..too bad, but then at least I voiced it out and did my part.

ni masa karnival Celik IT buat kat butterworth, dewan apa ka nama dia kt situ..dkt2 dgn skolah Dato Onn tu..If it wasn't for my senior Chaie, I wouldn't have known the existence of MPMPP..this association is still active till today. The latest activity I heard and was invited was a Grand Dinner with the Deputy Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang on 4th December 2010. Unfortunately I could not attend...Sorry Kak Ayu..huhu..I was really looking forward for that dinner but what to do..hope I'm still invited to the next dinner..

If there are still students from Penang who does not know about this association, feel free to ask.. as far as I know, every public university in Malaysia has representatives. For UNIMAS, the rules does not allow for students to have any associations that are 'berunsur kenegerian'..when there's activity, the representative is responsible to spread the word..for UKM, UM and a few other universities, they are allowed to establish their own body @ association from their university. Interested, why wait? go check it out who your uni rep is=) Have fun guys! Uni life is great!


firdaus@abamat said...

hahaha....anda mmg xcelik kot. sila rujuk gmbr CELIK IT. hahaah

aye-na said...

hahaha...tu la..tak terCELIK time tgkp gmbr tu..kehkehkeh..

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