Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Beauty of Ramadhan

I've landed myself a job that is demanding quite a big portion of my time (as expected). Something that I've dreaded before this, limited time for my family, which has been the main reason why I was reluctant to go all out to find a job. I'd rather stay at home and do what I love, my passion and spend time with mum and dad whenever and wherever.

1st of July was the 1st day of my very first job ever since I graduated, a real full time job. And ever since, I have realized the gap was getting bigger between I and my family, including my sister who's also my room mate. I hardly see the daylight since I get out early to avoid the jam on the Penang bridge and I reach home 7 plus everyday due to jam on the bridge. 

On the other hand, my younger sister n brother are working at Jusco as promoter (during semester holidays) and comes back at 10 while the youngest is at boarding school. By the time they're back from work, its either I'm already asleep or getting ready for bed. Next morning, I'm out before they're even awake. We're a family but we're only sleeping in the same house..and those days of hanging around and watching TV together are gone. Not everyone is present during family holidays or trips. Gone were the days where the whole family are there during holidays. 

All that changed, when Ramadhan came..I'm just so glad that at least, we could actually have 1 time together with the whole family during sahur. Might be just a half an hour thing, but that's when we really have quality time and actually have conversations and make some jokes. It's not much, compared to last time. But still, that quality time is really priceless. Ramadhan is a blessing. Alhamdulillah. Allah is great. 

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