Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Perfect Imperfect

Humans,naturally, will often seek the most perfect person to be their partner for life. What is perfect? one might say, a perfect person is a person who has the PACKAGE-good looks, rich,responsible, open minded,someone who u can talk to and what not. To wait for such person to come by, I guess that wait might be endless..one question though, does this PERFECT guy with the whole PACKAGE really exists?

It would be great to have a guy like that as your spouse. But, isn't life about learning? and improving? If there's no more room for improvement, can u imagine how constant life would be? Get what I mean?

The perfect guy is already perfect...compared to an imperfect guy, who has enormous room to be perfected..On the other hand, isn't one of marriage's main reason is to complement each other?

Married life, started with some difficulty, maybe financially tight, or emotionally sensitive towards each other..may be such a pain..but if the couple really work hard to overcome difficulties..I bet the ending would be as sweet as honey. For example, knowing someone who has done more wrong than right..giving that person a chance..guiding that person..love that person for who he is..caring for that person and help build that person together with urselves..and as time passes..wouldn't it be such an amazing feeling to have complemented the person that you love..look back, and see how much that person has changed, BECAUSE of YOU..who helped him change..

Can u do that to a perfect person? of course not..coz he's already perfect..

To me, the imperfect is actually the perfect..as long as there's will, there's passion together, a few more chances given..live life together, grow together..is the true meaning of a complementary life..marriage =)

easy to say..easy to talk..but going through it is a real challenge..be strong and have faith in Him..insyallah..Allah will guide..

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