Monday, March 19, 2012

You think you've gone through hell?

I sometimes look at the janitors and ask, "what if..these people are given the same chance that I had..born in the same family that I am born into..would't they be someone better than what I am now?" ..Can I imagine them being one of the CEO of a big company? These people might have been a lot better than you should they have been given the same amount of chances and luck that you have had..

Sometimes you went through some bumps along the road, you start to feel like bailing out on everything and just go away as far as you can..well, think again..because there is always someone out there in this world who is wishing, and is dying to be in your shoes, to hold responsibility to your problems now..because the hell that they are going through is no comparison to what you are facing...

Imagine if the Somalians in hunger are in your shoes..would they just let go of what you had now just because some small problem came up? just because you are given a little bit more work than you normally have? just because someone is finding your fault? just because you don't have time? just because you're tired? just because some stranger talks rudely with you and doesn't respect you?..well, for some people..these are the problems they would die for, just to have a decent life..just to have some food to fill their empty stomach..just to have a feel of how life would be on the other side of the world..

So, whatever problems you may be facing...FACE IT! whatever happens is not the end of the world..wherever you go, whatever happens to you that you fear of, you are still on God's earth.whatever level of rock bottom you are in now, however deep the s**t is that you are in now, face it..settle 1 by one..there is always a way...and what you're going through is nothing compared to some people twice younger than your age have been through..STOP being so pampered and STOP being so weak..stand tall and face it like a fighter..use your brains and start thinking out of the box..You determine who you are and who you are going to be..keep moving forward!DON'T look back at today 20 years later and regret not working just a little bit could have been a lot different if that small effort is go do it NOW

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