Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mount Bromo~~

My family and I had our family vacation at Mount Bromo, Surabaya, Indonesia in 2007. It was one of the most wonderful experience for me. Here are some photos to share:
This is not Mount Bromo..hehe, this one is beside Mount Bromo..not sure what's the name..

This is the sunrise view

We woke up at 3am to watch the sunrise at Mount Bromo. First we had to go on a jeep to climb up part of the Mountain, it was a sleepy journey. Though it was not a pleasant ride, with bumpy soil 'road'..I was too tired to care and slept while sitting..My head hit the window many times, but I couldn't care less. That's what happen when you're too tired okay..hehe
The view as the sun was rising
The view was spectacular. When the jeep stopped, the driver told us to walk a little further to the spot to watch sunrise. We arrived around  4-5am, I guess. The sunrise watching area was just a plain area with a little bit of construction going on it seems. The place was also about half full when we were there, so we pick a spot and waited. It was dark and really really cold. We waited for a while, after about 15 minutes or so, I looked back and saw the place crammed and jammed with people already, with their cameras and all. Surprising, and quite uncomfortable because it was getting harder to get a nice view. Then not long after that, the sun started to come out. The sky was reddish at first, I could not really describe the beauty, because it is just too beautiful you have to go see it yourself..hehe
See the little bump of mountain alone in front of the other mountains, that's the mountain in the first pic but it's not Bromo. Bromo is the one at the back.

see what I mean? fantastic and majestic scenery.

This is the view when the sun is up. Bromo Mountain is the one with the smoke. It's an inactive volcano.

The view from that area.

It was definitely cold..

This is the ladder to go up to see the 'inside' of the Mountain..
We took a horse / pony ride up to the ladder and then we had to climb the staircase..        


This is the photo of the doesn't smell nice..sulfur, you'd expect it to smell a bit stinky..hehe

Hope you enjoyed the pictures..I hope to visit Mount Bromo again one day..=) Happy traveling..

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