Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tracking in the Rain...Taman Negara Pulau Pinang, Teluk Bahang..

I, my sister, my brother and my friend (Encik Firdaus) went to Teluk Bahang for our normal recreational activity, tracking! We went to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang, Teluk Bahang. So, here's the story..
On the Penang was raining a bit..

at mid span..

Here's the river flowing to the sea..
This time around we chose to go to Lake Meromiktik..previously we went north to Muka Head Light House..I have officially completed my tracking to all the trails at Taman Negara Pulau Pinang..yeay..

the small suspension bridge..


Meromiktik lake is very unique because there are only 19 lakes like this is the world. The lake is very near to the sea and sea water and lake water does not mix up together because of the density of both types of water..I never knew about this till I arrived at the lake..3120m of tracking..

this is during dry season...the lake looks better during the other season..

This is Pantai kerachut..3400m of tracking..clean beach and there's not many prople..maybe because it was a rainy day..good for us because we conquered the whole area..hehe

this is another new and surprising info for me..I never knew turtles would come to Penang beaches..hehe

It was raining mostly throughout the adventure..and it rained quite heavily has been a while since I last 'main hujan'...and it was really, we came across Sungai Tukun. When you're already soaking wet from head to foot, what else do you do when you come across a river? Go jump inside without having to take off or change tau! dah lama tak mandi sungai...syiok ooo...dengan kasut2 skali las2 bukak kasut jela sebab takut lekang lak lama2 dlm air..I was really satisfied with the adventure..Hepi hepiii...=) =) 

p/s: Sorry my dear lil sister..I was condemning her for taking pics (of herself) all the way..end up, it benefited me..never simply say things at people, it might come back to you..huhu

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