Saturday, December 25, 2010

Words of Wisdom..teman..

When you are feeling down and about to give up, don' within yourself, there's a butterfly waiting to come out of the cocoon..It's normal to feel like what you are doing now is not working..or to feel doubtful on what you are dreaming and working on, that it seems to go no where..when ever you feel that way, seek deep in yourself and find the spot where you really want this to for the one thing that you have been hope and dreaming of for so long..hang on to it..DON'T EVER GIVE UP! here's a video to share..

Let it be..kepada teman..all the best! Whenever you feel like you've hit rock bottom, cry if you need to, then get back up Him..and He will show you the way..When one door closes, another opens..don't keep waiting at the closed door to open, just walk through the open door..embrace life and live as you want to live your life..


cik zaza said...

yup..hanya kepadaNya tmpt kite berserah dan meminta pertolongan..

aye-na said...

leave it to Him=) yg pnting kita usaha kn..

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