Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Divorce is UGLY

In the US alone, there are an estimated 1 million children from broken families. This I read from the TV after the film Just Breathe on Hallmark.

What I have to say about this is, it is disturbing. I am not sure the number for Malaysia, but I have a feeling it is on the rising trend too.

I myself is not married yet, but I have experienced having special relationships. I know that having that kind of relationship is totally different from marriage, but just judging from that I know that marriage is not something that is easy. From what I read, listen and watch, it is actually an ongoing process and hard work to make it happen and last. In short, happily ever after doesn't really exists. There must be some bumps and ups and down along the road. The road is not all smooth, and it takes a lot of give and take to work it out.

With that, there is no other word to describe how much I am thankful and bersyukur to be born into a family that is united and there is no word to describe the amount to gratitude to God for blessing me with such responsible, loving, caring, amazing parents and family members.

My parents are teachers. My mum always say that problematic students in school usually come from broken families. This is very sad. It must be very hard to accept, or adjust in a situation where your parents does not live together. What more if your parents decided to re-marry and having two split families which you do not feel you belong 100% in any of them. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be, emotionally for children, especially to go through this. No wonder, teenagers, with those raging hormones, rebel. It is confusing, feels left out, wondering whether your parents love you, not mentioning the feeling of guilt because some children might blame themselves when their parents split up.

I hope something can be done to minimize the number of divorce in the world. As a Muslim, I would suggest the importance of religion as one of the main aspect to focus in combating this problem. I wish the government could focus more on family unity and understanding of responsibilities in marriages for young couples who are getting married. One of the main problem for teenage rebellious life and today's rising social problem comes from broken families. There have been studies and proves on this matter, actually, since years ago. Since the problem has been detected, please, do something to help this problem. I am not only focusing on the government and nationwide only, as the main cure for this problem would be for everyone, every individual to equip themselves for the challenging marriage life before they commit.

Take some time to learn the essentials of relationships and reasons WHY you get married in the first place, especially according to your religion. Islam is beautiful and it has outlined the reasons for marriage, so please, study and understand the principles and reasons to it. It is not just merely love and *** only. There is more to that. I am reminding not only fellow readers, but also myself. Hope Malaysia will see a better future and stronger family backgrounds and social stability. It may be a dream today, but it is worth every fight to make it happen=)

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