Monday, February 21, 2011

Aina...sila rajin!

Alright...I am at the library right now..I am skipping methodology workshop because I want to finish whatever I need to finish up for my appointment with my supervisor at 2.30 pm...I've about another 3 hours..but what the heck am i doing now? nothing.. it do it..sheesh..if only reading journals and articles is like reading Harry Potter series....I would have finished my theses a looong time ago..

I need motivation..serious motivation...I need pills that would make me feel awake and fresh all the time...but wait!

Pills? what am i talking about..I don't want to depend on pills..huhu..sheesh..once you loose momentum, it is really hard to fight yourself and get back into action..What I need is DISCIPLINE!

DISCIPLINE...come to me...

urgh! that's it for now..I'll mumble again when this LAZY DISEASE attacks me back..just need to express this lazyness..and I'll be okay..! Aina! Jia You! Fighting!

Guys...wish me luck =) Thanks..appreciate it so much y' to go..time's running out..till then..tadaaa

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