Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Much Do You Really Want It?

I was watching TV just now, one of my favorite drama, Army Wives. I was watching halfway when my dad came and join me. We started chit chatting about our thesis writing, which seemed like forever. And there was one scene where Michael (father) and Emmalin (daughter) conversation that really struck us both and made us both stopped talking suddenly. Here's what Michael said to Emmalin, who wanted to give up on her therapy due to knee injury:

Michael: I didn't come here to talk you out of your decision, but I do want to explain why I've been pushing you. Listen, when I was 25, I went to a ranger school. I had 9 week combat leadership course with intent physical challenges, not enough food, not enough sleep, 20 mile marches with 60 pounds on my back.

Emmalin: Sounds fun..(Sarcastically)

Michael: Yeah. Got to a point where my feet hurt so badly all I wanted to do was sit down and take off my boots. But I knew if I did that, I'd never get them back on again. So I pushed through. Because more than anything, I wanted to be a ranger. That's what I wanted. And my question is, what do you want? I though it was to play division 1 hockey. If that's not true anymore, that's fine. I won't be disappointed, I won't love you any less. But if it is true, if you still cherish that dream, I don't want you wondering five years from now you could have gone all the way if only you pushed yourself a little harder. You have got all sort of strength inside of you. 

What wonderful and powerful words, coming from a father to his daughter. Then my dad asked if I listened to that? "I am saying that to you too"...

It is not easy to fight internal mental block..I need to push myself more because 5 years from now, I do not want to be wondering what if I have pushed myself a bit harder now..


firdaus@abamat said...

hahaha....walopun aku xsuka army wivez tu....aku tetap stuju dgn pa yg dia kata

i am ummi said...

you can do it!! I know you..and I know you can do it. It just seems hard because some (not so nice) things might have come in your way. just forget them and push yourself. you are much better than you give credit for. you can do anything when you really put your mind to it. when you feel like giving up..just think of all the hard work and sacrifice you've put into this and think that it would soon be over if only you'd just push yourself a little harder. go aina!! gambatte!!

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