Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Triplets

One of my hobbies is gardening. Some might think it's pretty boring, but I think it's such a therapy. As I was dealing with some internal issues last year, I started to divert my mind and push my attention towards something else, rather, a new hobby. So I started to look deep inside and ask, what do I really like to do? Then a few passions came up, among them are sewing, cooking, jungle tracking and of course gardening. Many people in their mid-20's would spend time shopping, hanging out, watching movies, karaoke and stuff like that. Not for me=) 

I started planting, mostly veggies at the small land in the backyard. Ladies fingers, green beans, ginger, corn and more. 

To my surprise one day, my dad told me that I have triplets! The corns that I planted seems to be growing 3 corns in what's supposed to be 1 corn part. See, one corn plant can only produce 2 corns max. But this particular corn plant divided a single corn into three baby corns.
can you see the three corns?

3 corns..supposed to be only 1

This is the normal corn plant
So as you can see, the normal corn plant only produces 2 corns.

As for the taste, it was very sweet! Such an amazing feeling when you can eat what you've sewn. Even more satisfying when you family gets to eat them too.

p/s: Although the corn was sweet, they were a bit weird. kata, gigi jarang la..isi sikit2..My mum said, corns are supposed to be planted in big volumes, then the yellow part (what's it called?) will grow nicely. Mine's just 2 plans so the process of male pollen and female pollen could not happen nicely. She's a science teacher..paham2 u mum!


Deeyaudeen Sabri said...

nak jagung satu ! :P

~ NANA ~ said...

wah jagung...pos utk i satu! hehe~

Syed Fairus said...

Ooo, kalau nak tanam jagung tak perlu balik kampung ye?

Boleh tanam juga jagung di bandar...

aiman rashidd said...

sedap nya jagung , minggu nih nak balik kg makan jagung :p HUHU

thanks for comment :)

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